ShuleBus App for Parents

No more waiting for the bus in the cold weather or scrambling to get to the stop if the bus is a few minutes early. Get a notification to your cell phone when the bus is getting close, and watch it move on the map in real-time as it approaches your stop

Peace of mind and child safety go hand in hand.

At ShuleBus, we’re not just developers and engineers. We’re parents. And like you, the well-being of our kids means everything. That’s why child safety is at the core of our technology and our company. We also know that not all of us are tech whizzes, so we keep it simple at every tap, swipe and click.

The ShuleBus Parent App puts power in the hands of those who have a hand in school travel: bus drivers, school admins, transportation directors and, importantly, you. This robust platform includes a Driver App and school admin portal, but as a parent, you’ll want to take a good look at School Bus Tracker.


No wasting more time standing on the roads to blindly wait for the school buses!

With the ShuleBus, the knowledge that your child is safe sits in the palm of your hand. It’s easy to use, and has plenty of bells and whistles. Set your app to receive a heads-up prior to the bus arriving, so you’ll know exactly when to leave for the bus stop. Receive a notification every time your child checks on and off the bus. Track the bus in a real-time map view. You can even let the driver and school know if your child isn’t riding the bus that day. All this and more, right at your fingertips.

Real-time location update

You can track only driver's location who is assigned to you.

Set pick-up/drop-off

You can set your preferred pick-up and drop-off location.

Call Driver

You can call the school bus driver from the app

Child Absent

You can mark any child as absent or not from the settings page in the parent app.


Get notified when your child check-in or check-out of the bus.

Driver's Speed

Track the real-time speed of the on the bus icon in your app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe we are good at managing your expectations, right? 💇‍♀️ 
Below are some of the questions you might be asking yourself about ShuleBus…

First of all, your child’s school should use this system. School Admin will register you along with your child and assign driver to you. You can download Bus Tracker’s Parent App, and login by entering your registered phone number at school. The will send verification cot via SMS to verify the entered phone number. If any delay, please use this temporary OTP: 255 255, you will be redirected inside the app, if your phone is not available please reach your school admin and they will provide you with an ID and password to login. 

NO! The parent app tracks one bus driver assigned to him by the school admin. The school admin assign one driver for each parent, but multiple parents for the same driver.

No password required for you be able to login, enter your registered phone number at school… the app will send you OTP via SMS to verify the entered phone number. If any delay, use 255 255.

Currently NO!

The system is designed primarily to make parents track the school buses of their children (not to keep track of the grade or level of study of a student). We know that the driver can change the bus and hence we provide a full control for this at the school admin panel. So the school admin can change the bus of a driver or reassign a parent to another driver, etc.

All details are encrypted and secured.

Actually the system is designed to track school buses in real-time based on the GPS sensor of the smart phone of the bus drivers. The system assumes that students do not have smart phones to track them.

However, ShuleBus uses an algorithm that incorporates each stop, bus routes, calculate distance and pulls real time traffic conditions to generate accurate time of arrival from beginning to end.